From Prague to Karlstejn Castle. Out of the City on Segways

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Here the route takes you:

  • Berounka River
  • Karlstein Castle
  • Karlstein Forrest
  • Amerika Quarry

If you are lucky, Haken the ghost will join you at your picnic



This tour offers a visit to one of the most magnificent castles in the Czech Republic and its surroundings. The Karlstejn Castle is situated in a fresh green scenic reservation in Central Bohemia. The valley with the river Berounka is surrounded by hilly forests, sandstone rocks, mysterious caves and old defensive castles. It is a little paradise only 30 km from Prague.


We will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to the riverside of Berounka river. There we step on the Segway and ride up the steep hill to the Castle. At the castle you will meet a local castle guide who will show you around. Then we will continue through the marvelous forest towards a splendid naturalistic scenery called “Amerika" - a unique abandoned stone quarry famous for its beauty and mysterious legends of Haken, a ghost hidden somewhere in the quarry. There will also be the car waiting for you and will drive you back to Prague.