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Wenceslas Square in Prague

For many inhabitants of Prague, Wenceslas Square (originally called the Horse Market) is a synonym of Prague and the core of the capital. It is a boulevard in the New…

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Old Town Square in Prague

The Old Town Square – the oldest and the most important square of historic Prague – formed as early as from the 10th century as a marketplace at the crossroads…

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Astronomical Clock in Prague

The Astronomical Clock of the Old Town or the Astronomical Clock of Prague is a medieval astronomical clock mounted on the southern wall of the Old Town Hall in Prague.…

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Týn Church in Prague

There was an old Romanesque church as early as in the 11th century. It was an infirmary church for foreign merchants coming to Ungelt. In the middle of the 14th…

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Jewish Quarter in Prague

Josefov is a quarter of Prague situated in a bending of the Vltava River and surrounded by the Old Town. There was a Jewish town since the Middle Ages, but…

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Sacré Coeur Park in Prague

Chapel Sacré Coeur is situated at the place of the former convent by the Church of Jesus Christ. It was deconsecrated in 1924 and today it is an extraordinary space…

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Smíchov District in Prague

Smíchov is a quarter of Prague on the left bank of the Vltava River belonging to the Borough of Prague 5. It also includes a large Vltava island called Císařská…

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Žižkov Television Tower in Prague

Žižkov Television Tower is one of the landmarks of Prague and, at the same time, the tallest construction in the city – it contains the highest-positioned stable point in the…

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Vítkov National Monument in Prague

At present, the monument is a museum of modern history with a multimedia exposition. Underground there is an exposition called The Laboratory of Power. The underground space was built in…

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Karlín District in Prague

Karlín (Karolinenthal in German) was founded in 1817 and named in honour of Karolína Augusta, the wife of Emperor Franz I. Before that there was a lodging house for disabled…

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Žižkov District in Prague

Žižkov is a quarter situated east from the city centre. Žižkov, a bohemian quarter full of nightlife, cafés, bars and artists, lies on a natural elevation, therefore local streets are…

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Rieger Park in Prague

The municipal Rieger Park is situated in Vinohrady, a quarter of Prague, and has an area of 11 hectares. This park, named after an important Czech politician, belongs to the…

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Nusle Bridge in Prague

Nusle Bridge is 485 metres long and 26.5 metres wide. It has a reinforced concrete frame construction and four pillars. It is a prestressed concrete bridge in Prague. It spans…

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Karlov – Czech Police Museum in Prague

The compound of Karlov is situated in the New Town of Prague, in Prague 2. It was named after the saint emperor Charles the Great or the Church of Our…

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Vyšehrad in Prague

Vyšehrad is an ancient fortified settlement and fortress on a rock above the right bank of the Vltava River in Vyšehrad Quarter, Prague. Important Czech personalities were buried in the…

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