The Segway Experience team, Our Segway City Tour Guides

Jakub Jelinek

Let me show you my city. LOCALS KNOW BEST !

Once there was a boy, born in Prague who loved to work with people, so 

he decided to study hospitality, he worked in hotels and finally he had 

to show his beautiful city to all the people of the world.

 As a guy who travels a LOT, I know that only a local can tell you

where to go and what to see. So come on, I am waiting for you !!!

Ondrej Novotny


I love the Old Prague and my goal here is... to show you why :) I'm proud to be a guide - this job is a perfect way to meet people from different places, have fun and provide great experience for all you guys. By the way, this really is the best way to see a lot in short time.

Jaroslav Endršt

Travel industry is my destiny

Hi everyone!

Since my student times I have worked as a tour guide and an incoming tourist operator in various travel agencies. When Segway came to Prague I luckily decied to open first Segway Tour company. And I am happy that you are still opening our web pages and still usinng our services. 

We are trying the best to make your holiday unforgettable and I hope we succed!

Rene Menezes de Santos

To serve, assist and guide are not just my work, but my pleasure as well.

Hello Everybody,

My name is Rene, I am brazilian, but I have been living in Prague for 11 years. I have been working as a licensed guide for 5 years. I have chosen Prague because I love this city. To serve, assist and guide are not just my work, but my pleasure as well. You can confirm by yourself how i love to do it. Check me Out!;)


Petr Hotovec

To work as a guide is the best way how to collect experience for my studies!