• June 14, 2018

Is Prague Segway Tour Cheap?

Is Prague Segway Tour Cheap?

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Czech Republic – Prague from € 40 / hour

England – London from € 107 / hour

Germany – Berlin from € 40 / hour

Spain – Madrid from € 48 / hour

France – Paris from € 51 / hour

I know where I want to go and who I want to go with, but I also know how much I want to pay for it. It is not easy to make up a holiday plan and, of course, the price of the holiday is an inseparable part of it. People always go on holiday fully equipped, and I don’t only mean a full suitcase, but also enough pocket money for various experiences. It is important to do on holiday everything we have heard about the place but also everything we have never heard of. Last-minute decisions are sometimes the best ones. Anyway, pocket money always comes in handy and you spend it without even noticing it, so it is useful to compare prices to know how and where you can have more fun for the same amount of money. Let’s not fool ourselves that if we manage to save some money on something, it will remain in the bank account. On holiday, you just spend it anyway. I am convinced that a segway tour is an experience you cannot miss when visiting a city. It is worth it, everyone should try a segway tour in a capital city, or in all of them . I find segways interesting because they make it possible to connect sightseeing of the city and learning about its history with having fun with friends on two wheels. Due to high prices charged in cities we deal with prices all the time. However, the segway ride price is not the same everywhere at all. Various cities charge various prices for a segway tour. It also depends on the type of the ride and its duration. Cities offer one-hour’s segway tours but also 3-hour’s trips, there are also various options, such as segway 2 for 1, or double segway or group rides… After this small research of mine I can say that you can enjoy a cheap segway experience in Prague. When we compare capital cities, Prague offers the best price for this great experience – in London you can buy a segway tour from CZK 2,680, in Madrid or Paris from CZK 1,200. In Prague a segway tour costs only CZK 1,000 and I think that due to its size and diversity this place is a tourism paradise. The routes are very variable, it is not just a tour of churches, but you will also see various lanes and breathtaking views, which you will manage to do during those several hours, because thanks to segway even a high hill seems like great fun. So Prague means a cheap segway experience.

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