• August 6, 2019

What to eat in Prague

What to eat in Prague

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If you’re a gastro-tourist (we guess like 90% of people) you are probably curious about Czech traditional food. What to eat in Prague and where to get it? We will now tell you about the best places where to eat authentic great food.

First of all you need to try Svíčková – the most traditional Czech meal. You can’t really get anything similar anywhere else in the world. It is sirloin of beef in white cream, a bit sweeter sauce with Czech bread dumplings and cranberries. So good. Where to go for the best one? Try Strahov Monastery – restaurant St. Norbert. We pass this place on all our tours.

You have probably heard about Guláš (Goulash). Pretty popular in Hungary, but also in Czech Republic. Hungarians use paprika as a basis, we use onions (and paprika), so it is totally different. How about trying it in Olympia or Kolkovna restaurants, which you can see, for example, during our Grand City E-Scooter tour?

You know what Schnitzel is, right? We have it, too. But believe or not, the most popular meal here is fried cheese. Looks like schnitzel but instead of meat, there is Czech eidam cheese. From the point of view of health, it is not the best, but it is super tasty. If you like beer, why not connect those two things and have the best fried cheese with beer in Lokal. Locals go there pretty often. On the way back from Panoramic E-Scooter tour, we point out this awesome spot.

In the oldest Břevnov monastery from 10th century, there is a very nice and cosy restaurant, where you can taste the best Duck with dumplings and sweet cabbage. A very popular dish, mainly in the countryside. We love it too. In this monastery, we also do some beer tasting during our Prague Segway Tour With Craft Beer Tasting.

What is the best about these places? They are not overpriced like other tourist trap restaurants, and the food is just great. We will show you. And much more.

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