• June 14, 2018

John Lennon Wall in Prague

John Lennon Wall in Prague

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In Kampa, not far from Charles Bridge, there is a wall painted all over with many colours. It symbolizes the tomb of the famous frontman of the legendary music band The Beatles, but it is also a place where people expressed their opinions and protested against the communist regime.
Lennon’s Wall is a special place – it lies hidden among gardens, embassies, Čertovka and picturesque squares. It is a colourful piece of a wall, covered with a thick layer of graffiti with a vivid history. Most colourful works of art are devoted to John Lennon and the lyrics by The Beatles.
After John Lennon was murdered, his fictitious tomb was created in Kampa. People started to paint symbols on the adjacent wall that resembled the artist’s life and especially his work. Even today the wall changes every day with new texts and pictures although they do not have much in common with the original idea, and thanks to lenient owners, the Order of Malta, everybody can leave their message there, but of course, the topic of love and peace is preferred. Unfortunately, the original portrait of John Lennon is lost under dozens of layers of history.

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