• June 14, 2018

Brussels EXPO 58 in Prague

Brussels EXPO 58 in Prague

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The first World’s Fair after the World War II took place in Brussels in 1958. The winner of this “cultural Olympic Games” was Czechoslovakia, which won the main prize The Golden Star and thirteen more awards. Czechoslovak architects of Expo 58 showed to the entire world that after the ideological interventions of 1950’s, i.e. after the forced socialistic realism, they were able to continue in the world level of Czechoslovak architecture of the period of time between the world wars. For the great success of the entire Czechoslovak participation in Expo 58 in Brussels the Czechoslovak pavilion was transported to Prague and reconstructed in Letná Park. At the beginning there was a restaurant with a beautiful view of the Vltava River, the Old Town and the New Town of Prague. Later the pavilion was empty, and at present it houses the seat of an advertising agency. It is not open to public, but its exteriors and especially the view are still admirable.

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