• June 14, 2018

Ladronka Park in Prague

Ladronka Park in Prague

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Ladronka is one of the most popular homesteads of Prague. The adjacent park is intended for pedestrians, cyclists and especially in-line skaters, who can use the longest illuminated track, which is 4.2 km long.
Various cultural events are held there, such as Ladronkafest, the biggest festival in Central Europe, Čarodějnice na Ladronce (The Witches in Ladronka), etc.
In the past there was a vineyard press there, because as Charles IV had wished, there were vineyards all around. Italian Count Philipp Ferdinand de la Crone, whose surname was simplified to Lacrone or Ladrone (which gave rise to the name of the homestead), bought a large area at this place by the village of Motol from Baron Schwihowski in 1688.
In 1922 Ladronka passed to the property of the city of Prague and the former agricultural buildings were reconstructed for housing. In 1964 it was declared a national cultural monument. 2002 was a year of a big change as the Borough of Prague 6 in cooperation with the Capital City of Prague started to reconstruct the entire homestead and the adjacent park.

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