• March 12, 2019

Star Game Reserve

Star Game Reserve

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A large park is a place for long strolls with a dog, for relaxation, for jogging, for cycling or even for cross-country skiing. The place has maintained its spirit thanks to the atypically shaped housing development of villas. Due to various pieces of evidence, such as fragments, containers and building foundations, we can assume that the area of the current park was probably inhabited as early as in the prehistory.

The game reserve was founded in 1534 by Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor, who founded the royal gardens in Prague Castle and a summer villa of Queen Anne. The game reserve was used for royal festivals and diplomatic visits, and animal hunts were organized there. Among the main trees are oaks, beeches, fir threes and hornbeams. The summer villa and the game reserve are included in the list of national cultural sights.

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