• June 14, 2018

The Best Segway Experience in Prague

The Best Segway Experience in Prague

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Each of us certainly has several experiences that will never be forgotten. Your best friends know them by heart because such experiences are the ones you want to share with everybody and the ones that become the “top stories” everywhere you come. Of course, now you are having a think about it, there is a scenario in your head, you start smiling and want to share your “top story” with us. That’s exactly the experience we are talking about – an experience which is worth it!

You are walking, listening, pushing your way and walking again. A guide waving an umbrella above his or her head is shouting out boring historical facts trying to interest and control a group of more than 30 people and show them as much as possible in the short period of time set for the tour. So you go on walking in the “pack” and try to catch something from the first line. You tell yourself “I have come on holiday to relax but now I feel like at school, this will definitely not be the story to share with others. My best story can’t have such a scenario!!!” And at that moment, a few people who are laughing loud and enjoying a hot summer breeze zip past you on segways. Yes, you are not dreaming, those people are having great fun and enjoying freedom, and, in addition, they will see at least twice as much for a half of the time. The fact they are smiling is a clear sign of your next step – go and try it, too – the best segway experience.

What is a segway experience? It is learning about history in a very untraditional way, it is interesting stories about traditional places, funny stories and legends, a free ride with your friends with a bit of adrenalin on two wheels. Unique flights along the city lanes, a comfortable ride up the hill to enjoy the most beautiful views that only local people know, this all can be done in several hours. A segway experience for two and a sunset romance is a good bonus, and, moreover, a funny guide who loves his job and makes you fully enjoy your segway tour experience.

So I only have one answer to the question what is the best segway experience. All of them are the best. You must only find the right one for you! ☺