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Morning tour

Want to experience how it feels taking a morning ride through the lovely parks of Prague? Kick start your day with a Segway experience Prague.

Take a morning ride on Segway and soak in the scenic and serene ambience and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city’s historical hub from the Petrin hill which is situated right at the heart of Prague.

Morning Segway tours in Prague start at the Charles Bridge. Ride through the meandering streets to arrive at Mala Strana, an area which will enthral you with its drop-dead beauty.

A short ride from Mala Strana will take you to Park of Petrin. Here, you will have the opportunity to take pleasure in panoramic vistas of the Old and New Town neighbourhoods. On the way back to Charles Bridge, you will get to see Malteze Square, John Lennon Wall and an array of attractions of the Lesser Town.

After passing Kampa Park situated adjacent to the left bank of River Vltava, the morning Prague Segway tours come to end at the Charles Bridge.


Grand City Tour

Taking a tour around the rich cultural city of Prague on a Segway has a unique charm of its own. If you are planning to visit this place very soon, make sure to go for fun Segway hire Prague. Your Segway tour guide will steer you through the right avenues to discover the city’s attractions.

This historic city is gifted with picturesque setting and innumerable historic sites. Modern establishments have not diminished the old charm of the city. Prague has lots in store to wow its visitors and one of them is a tour on a personal Segway transporter to explore the city.

Segway tours in Prague begin at the Charles Bridge continuing through Kampa Park, John Lennon Wall, St Nicholas Church and Prague Castle with a short stop at Strahov Monastery to have a gorgeous view of the entire city.

Your Segway ride continues as your Segway tour guide takes you through Petrin Park crossing the Charles Bridge to visit National Theatre and Wenceslas Square and then, taking a halt at Old Town Square to witness the majestic Astronomical Clock.

After taking a ride around Jewish Quarter, you will be back at the place where you started your fun journey crossing the Charles Bridge.


Panoramic Night Tour

Prague is a charming city with lots of wonders at every corner to amaze its visitors. The immaculate parks of Prague ooze out a magical charm in the evening. Won’t it be wonderful to take an evening Segway ride through the city’s gorgeous parks in such a serene atmosphere? The fun will double when you will get to see some of the top attractions of Prague throughout the ride.

The evening Segway experience Prague begins at the Charles Bridge. A short ride through zigzag lanes takes us to the Old Town Side of River Vltava. You will surely treasure the experience of a lovely evening in a Vltava embankment.

After crossing the bridge, we reach Park of Letna to cherish excellent views of the city’s Old and New Town neighbourhoods.

Then, we head for Royal Gardens with a halt at Hannaw Pavilion to view the beautiful bridges of Prague. Next is a ride through The Petrin Hill, the central park of Prague after exploring Prague Castle. Petrin Hill is hailed the loveliest park in the city which provides spectacular sights of Lesser Town and Old Town.

Our tour comes to an end with a visit to the Kampa Park, situated nearby the left bank of River Vltava and we ride back to the Charles Bridge.

Segway rental Prague is the best way to witness the beauty of Prague in the evening. Don’t miss the experience.


Karlštejn Tour

Czech Republic is home to some of the most awe-inspiring castles in the world, such as the Karlstejn Castle. This fort is an epitome of magnificence and is located in the beautiful setting of Central Bohemia. Set amidst steep forests, eerie caves, sandstone rocks and ancient citadels, the valley along the river Berounka offers a dramatic escapade just 30 kilometres away from the city of Prague.

Opt for fun Segway hire Prague to find out what mystery the Karlstejn Castle holds. Karlstejn tour on Segway starts after we drive you from your hotel in Prague to the riverside of Berounka. At the riverside, we begin our Segway ride up the wobbly hill to the spectacular castle. When you reach the castle, a local castle guide will show you the entire area.

Then, we will resume our tour wheeling through forests to see an exquisite stone quarry abandoned for years, ‘Amerika’. This quarry presents a scenic setting. Amerika is fascinating not only for its beauty, but also for the interesting legends of a ghost called Haken which is believed to be hidden in the quarry.

Following the visit to Amerika, we will drive you back to your hotel in Prague in a car. This is one Prague Segway tours that will definitely remain etched in your mind.

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Treasure hunt

The Basis of This Game Is a Story

King Charles IV was unable to find the object which holds the key to his wish. One day, an
Old beggar woman visited him. The woman sketched a map of the Old Town for the King
and highlighted 15 places in the map. King Charles IV had to unravel the mystery in each of
the 15 places. The King was able to find his long-cherished object only after solving the

How it works

At first, the participants are split into teams and then, every team gets a map featuring the
highlighted places and mysteries. Each team needs to put in joint efforts for making a
strategy in order to get to the end as efficiently and rapidly as possible, and then, arrive at the
city. It is compulsory for every team to take a picture at a particular spot and solve the
mystery. The team who is able to give the most accurate answers and pictures gets the chance
to be the first to make a guess about what the lost object is and where it is to be found.

Additionally, the story and the hints are interrelated to another popular fairy tale. So, the
winning team needs to guess this famous story as well.